Sanja Matsuri; Culture, Tradition and Tattoos in the Spring Sun:

Sanja Matsuri a Japanese culture festival, which will take place later this month (18th-20th of May 2018). A lovely event taking place in the busy and buzzing city of Tokyo. The festival is one of the 3 great Shinto (an old Japanese religion) festivals in Tokyo. It is a spring festival which celebrates the founders of Senso-ji, which is large temple in the Asakusa district of Tokyo, where the festival also takes place.

The festival is famous for being quite the wild party and celebration, filled with Japanese tradition and culture. But this particular spring festival, is also famous for something else entirely. It is one of the few occasions where the Japanese dress down and the underground comes out and displays themselves. This also means that the festival has become famous, for almost being a tattoo festival in disguise.

While enjoying saké and beer  in the spring heat, the men and women attending, will be flaunting their bodies, tattoos and all. Despite the original religious purpose of the festival, today it is mainly a celebration and an excuse for the Japanese, to live out their traditions, while cutting loose a bit at the same time.

Final Comments:

Sanja Matsuri lasts a total of 3 days. Within these days there will be Shinto ceremonies, traditional dance and music, and much more to taste and experience from Japanese culture. Along with lots of celebration and partying. Should you be in Tokyo on the weekend in question, this event is surely one you cannot miss. Especially if you love Japanese culture and tattoos.

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