If we compare and contrast between mobile and desktop browser market share, we can see significantly different results of what browser to be on the top of the list. While desktop browser is dominated by Microsoft’s IE,  mobile browser is led by Apple’s Safari. Here is the details breakdown of the market share.


Regarding the data above, Apple’s Safari still leads mobile browser market with 45.04% share, and has increased by 0.41 point in October 2014.

While Google Chrome, after surpassing Android Browser last month, takes more market share  from 21.48% up to 22.17% (0.69 point).

Next, Android Browser has experienced a decrease by 1.56 point to 19.14%.

Additionally, Opera Mini gains market share of 0.45 point from previous month (7.56%).

At last, IE, despite its domination in total market browser, still struggle to get an increase in mobile browser market with only 2.38% of market share.