SACRED INK – Traditional Sacred & Magic Tattoos

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Ajarn Matthieu, master of SAK-YAN Tattoos. Ajarn Matthieu was born in France back in 1972.
He first heard about SAK-YAN 20 years ago but started to meet the masters in 2009.
To meet the masters was a big change in his lafe and he started to travel all over Thailand
to meet and get inspired by many sacred tattoo masters.

That same year, the master Ajarn Thong decided to take Ajarn Matthieu under his
patronage. In 2014, Ajarn Matthieu stopped all his activites in France and moved
to Thailand and that same year hi recived his Yan Kru (signature magic tattoo).

Now, Ajarn Matthieu is traveling all over Europe and Asia, practicing Sak Yan.

We meet Ajarn Matthieu and his wife Ajarn Rung at Amsterdam Tattoo Convention.

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