Sabrina Sabrok Celebrity TV Host, Rock Punk Metal singer, Musician, International TV Star. Sabrina is known as The Celebrity With The Biggest Breasts In The World!

She studied musical culture, and dramatic art in Buenos Aires, Argentina, she graduated as a teacher of Musical Culture and was teaching in secundary schools in Argentina. She was consolidated her career in Mexico, her beginning was in Argentina, while working as advertising model and actress in several television shows.


In 1996 she formed her Industrial-Rock band called “Primeras Impresiones” (First Impresions). In 1997, she and her band were support band for Marilyn Manson in Argentina at Velez Stadium. At the present Sabrina and her band have recorded 8 Cd’s. In 1999 she started a tour with her band touring throughout South America, United States and Mexico where they made several concerts. In 2001 Sabrina Sabrok began working on Televisa Mexico (Canal De Las Estrellas) as Actress and model in “La Hora Pico” Comedy TV Show (2001-2004).



18 kilos of total breast

In May 2006, Sabrina Sabrok mark her breasts and received a star in the Paseo de las Luminarias, Mexico City, where make their mark the most famous celebrities.
Throughout her career she made several operations increased breast (15 in total), which came to achieve have a weight of 18 kilos in total breast, becoming the International Television Celebrity with the biggest breasts in the world in 2006 and beating her own record in the 2009.



-She has collected 14 pairs of breast implants has been removed.
-She have the name and image of her husband tattooed on her right arm while her husband has tattooed 2 pictures of her and her name.
-She have a total 18 tattoos all over her body, 2 arms completely, the 2 blades and lower back, the last was held in demon form with details on biomechanics characteristics of Giger’s art in his right arm .
-She have 14 holes in her body, which has set and removed, including one in the tongue, several on her face and one in her private parts.
-She was implanted permanent vampira fangs.
-She assured her breasts in a million dollars.
-She was queen of the gay community in Mexico on several occasions.

“Sabrina Sabrok” has a very hard (nocive) songwritting & outlandish look like the S&M esthetic & the lyrics have a double meaning.

The S&M rage can be interpretated as a social protest!
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