Royal De Luxe; Tall Tales That Wander the Streets:

Royal De Luxe is a french based theater company, that is currently touring the world. They are however, unlike any other theater company on the planet. Not only are all their shows performed on the street. They do not perform in any theaters. But that is with good reasons, as their star attractions would not be able to fit inside a normal Theater.
Their main attraction being marionette dolls, that are as tall as buildings.

It is an incredible sight to behold. The size of the dolls is in itself astonishing. But then you see how many people it takes to operate these dolls, as well as the rigging needed. Then it becomes mind boggling that they have pulled it off. Not only that, but the dolls themselves, are incredibly lifelike. Their anatomy is so carefully modeled after humans. That the way these dolls are build seems to give them life in its own right.

It must have taken some genius intellect, to construct these beautiful dolls. They even have a large variety off dolls. From a young girl, to a grown man, to an old lady and even a dog. All of them so lifelike, it would seem like giants had come to life in our streets. Only things giving them away, are the skilled operators and the rigging.

Final Comment:

Royal De Luxe certainly shows us, just how important an understanding of human anatomy, can be to a piece of art. For these dolls and their performances are indeed art. Art displaying the full aray of human emotion, without the “actors” being alive. It is sure to inspire spectators and other artists alike, when these performances roam the streets.

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