Ross Nagle From Ireland has seen many trends come and go

Ross Nagle From Ireland has seen many trends come and go
November 08
06:00 2016


As a traditional tattooer with almost 2 decades of experience, Rise Nagle has seen many trends come and go.

Widely recognized and respected in the tattoo industry, Ross Nagle has been an MVP in the game for nearly 20 years. He has a body of work that is consistently clean, bold, bright, and solid. His first memory interest in tattoos was at 11 years of age when he started drawing tattoos on his friends in the school yard. But he has about 16 when he started to pursue a afterr in the tattoo works and he was 19 by the time he started an apprenticeship.

is currently the owner of two successful shops in his home country Ireland – world renowned Allstar Ink Tattoo in Limerick and Love Hate Social Club Cork City alongside Ami James. Both These shops have played host to some of the top artists in the industry.

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Photo from Ross Nagle:

According to Ross Nagle , Every real Tattooer has a signature, even if it’s subtle, one can still tell who made certain tattoos even in a world full of carbon copy tattooers regurgitating other people’s styles. He himself tries to make all of tattoos easy to read, strong with a little finesse. His black and grey tattoos are what he’s asked to do mostly with people requesting the dramatic lines and shading.

His art or tattoos are mostly influenced by his heroes, friends and colleges that he has worked with over the years. Being part of the Love Hate family, he has traveled to and done work at Ami’s other shops in the US & UK. Miami Ink Love Hate, Wooster Street Social Club and Love Hate London. He has always been keen to learn as much as he can and always take a little of something from everyone and everywhere he goes. He believes that your tattooing style change slightly the more you travel.

As one of the most highly sought after tattooists not just in Ireland but the world, he isn’t about to slow down and works round the clock for his clients. The owner of two exceptional tattoo studios in Limerick and Cork, Ross travels all over to tattoo not just fans of his work but world famous clients.

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