From rootless to success.

From rootless to success.
January 14
08:00 2015

Back then – for not thaaat long time ago.

Back then, when the adrenalin had more speed than today, where nights never ended and you never been tired…

Back then, when I was ready for anything…

Back then, I didn’t have any obligations – back then I wasn’t become a dad!

Back then – I sometimes remember it as a really great time – a time where I could do everything without thoughtfulness.

Why the hell, am I starting to write some bullshit like that?

Yes, it’s because I was asked, the other day, if I wasn’t the right person to write a little story about my positive outlook on life…

Me – Martin Esfort. Hahaha!

‘’ I’m not going to write any dam story’’ I was quickly to reply!



But when I became on my own, it started, nonetheless, to work in the back of my head. Maybe, I should just have a minute to think about it. That I actually had evolved to a very positive human, and that I maybe had a little story to tell.


As every other young people, I acted before thinking. It was a great life – it was funny and with full speed.

Back then – I couldn’t imagine it could be any better. I couldn’t envisage the future.

Even when I became a dad, I couldn’t quite right understand or see what was changed in my life.


First when I got used to the idea, it truly came to me, that now, it was time to think different and take some responsibility.


Imaging – it was my little girl, who could get me to see life in a hole other dimension.

Suddenly, I should consider which choices I should be making, and what influence these choices had on my life – and at least my little princess’ life.


I didn’t thought I had more possibilities to ‘’choose’’, until I was introduced to an amazing business opportunity.



World #1 Coach JT FOXX & Martin Esfort

They ones who know me, are award of my interest in tattoo art.

But as the time of youth is changing, and no longer shows the right picture of whom I am – the same do my tattoos.

Then – what is more likely, than to change the past?


Forget all the bad times and the less good memories – and focus on the positive and good things in life.


My ‘’gold’’ was at the end of the rainbow.

Today I’m standing with two accomplished mentors by my back, and see all the possibilities witch life offers.


I’m doing what I always wanted. Removing the bad memories and replace them with some new and positive.’


I’m just doing it with tattoos.


The old tattoos, which not show the right picture to the world anymore – it’s them I want to change to some positive or remove complete.


Yes, in the midway of my life – and against all predictions – I am been the manager for my own company… Yes, my own Deleted Tattoo.



For my little princess, and for my own sake – I am on the right track…

It’s a greaaat life, and now I am looking forward to the future.


Face the word.

Martin Esfort




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  1. Jansonrendtorff
    Jansonrendtorff August 01, 12:15

    nice to read a story like this one 🙂

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  2. Benpakulski
    Benpakulski August 01, 12:14

    flere af sådan nogen artikler, det var fed læsning, det sgu sejt gået 😀

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  3. TheKing1
    TheKing1 August 01, 00:14

    respect for this guy.

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