Rodolpho Torres; Perfecting a technique:

Rodolpho Torres is taking the internet by storm currently. People are blown away by his technique in coverup tattoos. Not any old coverup tattoos, but coverup tattoos for scars, birthmarks etc. Indeed there is nothing new with using tattooing to cover up unwanted scars. But Rodolpho has perfected the technique, so that he can completley return the skin to its original skin tone.

Returning the skin to its original skintone, is of course only one way to cover up unwanted scars. Another popular way is to cover it with a custom made tattoo, which has been popular with mastectomy patients. However, it has been the case, that previously when trying to tattoo a person’s original skin tone over the scars, that it would not work too well. That is what Roldolpho and his technique has changed. As it perfectly covers up scars.

He can even cover up severe scarring, which would normally have had to remain on an individuals body, for the rest of their life. Indeed his method has become really popular and lots of other artists swear by it too now. Not only can it cover up scars and stretchmarks, but he has even removed people’s dark circles under their eyes with it.

Final Comment:

Rodolpho Torres and his method might actually help countless people. Despite the fact that to some, stretchmarks and scars can be empowering and something they want to keep as reminders. For others they are vessels of horrible traumas and catalysts of negative self-esteem. These people can now get a fresh start, thanks to his tattooing technique, helping them improve their life and life quality.

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