Reflections on a rainy October day 2014

Reflections on a rainy October day 2014
October 19
07:59 2014

Being a professional tattoo artist with international training since 1989 and one of the few female artists from back then I have been watching our trade and the changes it has undergone.
Back then we had all the World famous artists: Kari Barba, Jack Rudy, Paul Jeffries just to name a few… In Denmark we had Miss Roxy, Tatoo Svend,  Tatoo Jim, Tatoo Jack, Tatoo Ole, Tatoo Danny, Joergen Christiansen a.o … then came a newer generation: Henning Joergensen, Frank Rosenkilde, Johnny Hansen, Hans Jensen a.o and now… the market and the number of tattoo artists in Denmark and worldwide has increased enormously…
The Danish Tattoo Scene was a very small club back in the earlier days. I remember Tatoo Ole told me about him joining a tattoo convention with only 7 working artists.
I was the organizer of 3 Danish Conventions back in 2000, 2001 and 2002 in Valby Hallen called the  “Danish Viking Tattoo & Body Piercing Convention”. With more than 250 working (tattoo artists, helpers and piercers)…
Since then we have had several conventions every year. What a Progress…
I always thought that we needed a connection between the old school’ers and the new generation. The new tattoo artists often have another backgrund like grafitti painters and of course a lot taught by other artists. This was actually my main reason for hosting the 3 conventions in Denmark. To bring international artists to Denmark, to show them the Danish tattoo scene and having viking shows daily during the convention days interchanging our culture.
The conventions were a great succes and I’m very proud to see, that a lot of the Young artists back then have progressed a lot like Tattoo Mini, who was one of the artists to receive the yearly  “Upcoming Talent” Award. We handed out a lot of Awards, and had flash competitions, Muffe and his crew did live perfomance on stage with his crazy piercing shows. Since then it has been my main goal to work to improve the communication between the Danish tattoo artists.
Creating the non-profit network “Uafhængige Tatovører” (“Professional Indepent Tattoo Artists”) in Denmark and within 2 years having more than 216 artists in the network I feel that this way of communication seems just right.
I feel very good whenever artists use the network, debates are started, information is shared.
It is my goal to reach out to all the estimated 1000 – 1200 professional artists we have here in Denmark.
Like rings in the water the network grows everyday and I’m thankful to everybody who mentions the network  “Uafhængige Tatovører” to fellow tattooers.
In the group we occasionally let journalists in, if there is a debate in the Danish media. We let them in for a day or two and everybody can freely comment on the issue. In earlier days before the internet this way of discussing weren’t heard of. We would be contacted by journalists and authorities on phone or mail. Today we have a close cooperation with both the Ministry and Department of Environment and the Ministry and Department of Health. “Uafhængige Tatovører” is represented in all issues when it comes to discussing new regulations for our trade.

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Lately a Danish Standard commitee has been formed in order to join the European Community in making EU-rules for hygiene standards in tattooing. Being one country out of 12 we are trying to have influence on the new standards, an initiative brought by Andreas Schmidt, chairman of the DOT (Deutche Organisierte Tätowierer). During the past 12 years I have been involved as a part of hearings regarding the ink and other issues. “Uafhængige Tatovører” might not be a regular association with a board and annual meetings. Being a non-profit network we don’t have other obligation to each other than to keep up the good communication. It seems as if the platform  “Uafhængige Tatovører” was exactly the way to bring all Danish tattoo artists together. It is our network and everybody has easy access and a chance to be heard in any matter. For the members in the group we have obtained discounts with several supply companies and are having hygiene courses for our artists. Everything with the main purpose to a better spirit and safety for our trade, our clients and ourselves. The trade has changed so much in the past 10 years and looking into the future of the Danish Tattoo Scene I am very ancious to see the progress for the next  decades….

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Tattoo Artist in Heart and Soul. Since 1989. Spokesperson for and founder of "Uafhængige Tatovører" Independent Tattoo Artists in Denmark - a non profit Network. Owner of "Tatto-Liz" Tattoo Studio in Fiolstraede, Copenhagen K, Denmark. Specialized laser tech with tattoo removal. Member of UETA (United European Tattoo Artists) and ESTP, (European Society of Tattoo and Pigment Research)

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