Redemption Ink; Tattooing With a Cause!

Redemption Ink; Tattooing With a Cause!
August 07
11:15 2017

“There is Enough Hate in The World”:

Redemption Ink is based on the quote above. It is what can be called the creed/motto of an artist named Dave Cutlip and his wife Beth. Simply what it is about, is a dream of the couple, to try and remove some of the hate in the world.
They want to do this, through the craft of tattooing.

It started out with Dave being contacted by an individual, wanting to remove a racist tattoo from his body. However, in this first case, because of its placement, there was nothing Dave could do. But he and his wife woved to help as many people as they could since that day. This is how Redemption Ink got started. With this awesome compassionate couple and their dream to make the world a better place, through tattooing.

Dave Cutlip at work (photo pulled from google)

Covering Up Old Hatreds To Build a Brighter Future:

The idea for this charity is simple to understand, which does not undermine its beauty. To help people, who at one time of another have made a terrible decision. Which they have chosen to immortalize on the skin. Whether it is a Swastika, any gang signs or other hateful, or gang related tattoos, they cover them up. They both literally and figuratively, cover up old hatreds.

Even more amazing, in order to further help these people, it is indeed free of charge. This is because many of these people, who have made such horrible life decisions. Are already in such a bad place in their lives, they would not be able to afford the help otherwise. Often their hateful tattoos, also prevent them from moving on in their lives. Either by preventing them from forgetting their bad life choices, or indeed by preventing them from getting employment.

It is not that you have to be homeless or out of work to get help. Anyone can get help, if they want to move on and be a better person. That is the hallmark of this amazing movement. Helping people to move on and making the world a better place with less hate in it.

Dave Cutlip at work (photo pulled from google)

A Tattoo Where You Pay it Forward:

This is the principal of Redemption Ink. In a sense, it is not a tattoo without payment. You just do not pay with money. What you pay for this tattoo with, is a promise to move on and change your life. A promise to yourself and others, that you will do what you can to make the world a better and less hate-filled place.

We here at Mediazink fully understand the joy Dave and Beth must get, from helping these people. It is rehabilitation, which they make possible through their ink. They help people, by giving them a chance to fully move on and get their lives back on track. No matter if they have been to prison, been in gangs, or perhaps just been young and stupid. They help people embrace the change inside them, in their skin. That is a beautiful thing and we here at Mediazink, hope their movement sees great success!

Please go check it out on their website. Also, please keep your eyes peeled on Mediazink for more awesome articles, follow us on Instagram (@Mediazink_Official), YouTube and Facebook.

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