Who and what is raped In Reno?

From the barren Faroe Island steppes, from the deep dark Jutland and from Copenhagen murky suburbs have raped In Reno clung s ig together in the middle of Denmark decadent capital. As a little esoteric bomb of cigarettes, beer and sultry jokes about everyone’s mothers crawl trucker rock out under the fingernails and worn throats and bare nerves in rock’s honor. You could compare them with big international bands, but, raped In Reno is much more than a band to be compared with the majors. It is a band that bleed, sweat and crawl for rock, and that everyone should throw a pierced ear after. For the thread hangs like a crumpled Wall Street tie down the rock beer-stained leather vest, and extends from the 70s-inspired guitar riffs, to the modern, metallic distorted bass cadences. The music is in the center and there skides on labels for Cooked music with heart and with iron.


Photo: philipbh.com


Raped in Reno played it hard in Copenhagen amongst the most inked people in the Capitol.

Here is some Pictures from the concert when Raped in Reno played at Copenhagen ITC. Scandinavia´s largest tattoo convention in TAP1 – The 15th & 16th of may 205.

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Here is the first video from Youtube.
Check it out here:

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Raped in Reno is:
Søren Bentsen, Eirikur Gilston Corfitz, Jesper Beyer, Heini Corfitz og Nikolaj Evilsen.