We have gotten an invitation to participate in writing a book about European Tattooers and the trade before and now, the changes we have undergone etc. You now have the opportunity to write tattoo history. Everything will be gathered into a book in Germany.
Please Write in English… Please do add photos. You can write a lot or a little – Grab the chance and be part of this exiting project. We are already 8 – 10 danish artists who have written our chapters – and do you have fellow artists in you network, then please tell them – everybody no matter organisation or network can participate. I attach the questions in English – and You can write a lot or a little. All answers to be send to tattoliz@gmail.com or through dropbox. Super exiting and fun to put your “foot” print into the History – Everybody can participate… Rgds, Tatto-Liz of Copenhagen

Questions for a new book about tattoo artists in Europe:

Who are you: (please put photo and eventually your business card)

1) Please tell a little about your self, age, education, and when did you start tattooing?
2) What type of tattooer are you? And what type of tattoos do you do?
3) How did your tattoo studio look like earlier? Photo please
4) How does your studio look now? Photo please
5) How are the clients reactions to you, your work and your studio?
6) How was your studio, your work station when you started, and which changes have you performed/gone through?
7) How have you developed both tattoo and hygiene wise?
? What type of tattoo did you start doing? Please photo
9) Have you developed into a specific direction? Please Photo
10) How many clients do you have, pr day/week?
11) Have you had complikations? Approximately how many? And what was the cause (client himself?, ink? etc)?
12) How do you inform about aftercare of the tattoo? Do you hand out a written instruction?
13) What type of machine did you initially use?
14) What type of machine do you use now?
15) What type of ink do you use? And did you use others before?
16) Have you tried to solder your own needles? And mix your own ink? If yes, please tell about your experiences – and compared to today
17) Do you think the ink has become better today? Have they changed?
18) Do you inform the clients about the risk of tattooing ?
19) Do you inform the clients about laser removal of tattooing?
20) At your studio, do you have client information and questions concerning clients health
21) What kind of gloves do you use? Are you aware about latex allergy?
22) Would you please describe your perception of the tattoo trade today?