Prison Tattoos; A Rapsheet On Your Body:

Prison tattoos, not something most of us will end up with. But non the less, they are an interesting topic, and one that has been researched by scientists for many years, all over the world. You can even find books on Amazon that talk about specific prison cultures and their tattoos, such as the French, Russian and US prison tattoos.

See prison tattoos are their own language and many of them have very specific meanings. Those meanings and that language, is specific to the prison culture of the given country (in most cases). So they will tell both the inmates, but certainly also the guards, a lot about the wearer. Anything from what crimes they have committed, how many times they have been to prison and their gang affiliations.

See it is the last point here, which many guards are very happy about. As can also be seen in the documentary called “Hard Time”. In the 5th episode of the 2nd season, one of the guards explains how they use the prisoners tattoos to learn more about them. Especially when it comes to gang affiliations, this information is used to learn more about how to better deal with the inmate. As well as telling guards what they might have to expect from the inmate.

Final Comment:

Indeed prison tattoos are becoming a tool for the guards and other employees in the judicial system. Police too are being trained to recognize gang tattoos when in the line of duty. So that they can better deal with and anticipate situations and know how to handle individuals. It is fascinating and exciting, how some tattoo knowledge, can help prison guards do their job better and more efficiently.

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