Our new added service to all artists who are in search for a new collegue to their studio.
Due to the fact that we now have almost approx. 14 million page views a year, we think it´s
time to add some nice services to help the artists and studios.

We have opened Denmark & Sweden. But soon more countries and areas will follow.
Many countries in Europe will be up and running shortly.
Stay tuned!

The price for a post on RECRUITMENTS is ONLY 20 Euro.
One time payment!
After paid invoice we post and you will have it on site as long as 6 month.
No more fee´s or recurring payments.

When your new collegue is found just message us and we remove it.
Your post will stay for maximum 6 month.

Email us your pictures of shop + a text document with your requirements in english.
Maximum 600 Words.
You have the option to add one video to the post for 10 Euro.
Maximum lenght is 5 minutes.

Questions – Fell free to contact us here: