Powerful Stage Photos From Berlin

Day one in Berlin Tattoo Convention had some interesting competitions.
Small – Crazy & Black And White was the first to be presented.

Carsten Augustenborg say: This is the second year i´m a part of the jury in Berlin.
I love to do this work, because I see all these great art pieces first hand and yes there
are also some bad ones, when 25 is presented on stage. But this is a dream work for me
and I will do more of it in the future.

The small one competition had around 20 pieces and it was won by the Danish artist,
Jeppe Isbak from Colorperception. Fantastic oldschool pin up, like Bettie Boob with
heavily detailed tattoos on it. A true winner piece indeed.

The Crazy competition had even more and here we always see some surprising things.
Actually some of the tattoos are not really crazy but has some mixed categories and styles.
The 4 juries, Alex from UK. Finzi from Norway. Heidi Hay from Sweden and of course me
from Denmark. We all choosed from the beginning to focus entirely on the Crazy as it the
competitions is named for.

One of the biggest competitions was of course the Black and Grey. This one is always a huge
competitions and this year we saw some amazing tattoos. The top 10 in our jury scorecards
was world class and the jury´s had a hard time to judge this one. Actually the winner scored
the highest point ever in Berlin. 4 times 10 point made the winner the first one ever in Berlin
to have this score. The winner is a female artist from Russia and we will bring more exclusive
art from her later on. The 9 other in this category was so close that it was the small marginals
that at last could find the number 2 and 3. The second place went to an artist from Taiwan,
a full body suit completely flawless. More than 90 hours of work.

We hope you all enjoy these fantastic pictures taken by Marcus Andersson.