Most Popular Tattoo Design Categories

Most Popular Tattoo Design Categories
September 10
11:48 2017

Most Popular Tattoo Design Categories

Nowadays, for some reason, people are getting more receptive to the idea of getting inked. Maybe 20 years ago, many of the people getting a tattoo now would have been very skeptical about it. Why that is so is an article for another day. So, if you are new to the tattoo industry or you are simply yearning to be kept abreast of the latest and most widespread designs trending in the tattoo world. Therefore, we put together a little rundown for you here in this article.

Native American Tattoo Designs

If you take a trip to North America now, you would probably find that this kind of tattoo is rife and widespread there. Not only are Native American tattoos good looking, they are often symbolic and every sign actually has a deep and strong meaning behind it. Unfortunately, most people are just concerned with the aesthetic properties of this tattoo. Conversely, it is pertinent that people make adequate research before they get inked with any tattoo, most especially a Native American tattoo. You could begin your research via Google and try to see what you can find out about any particular Native American tattoo design that you fancy. In addition, most Native American tattoos are related to Mother earth and her creatures.

Oriental Designs

Oriental designs are also a very popular tattoo category. Typically, Chinese Zodiac symbols like a pig, rats, and other zodiacal signs are represented using the oriental tattoo design. Most people prefer to use this symbol to communicate or express love, prosperity, goodwill, success and so on. Similarly, many fighters or martial artists prefer to use the Chinese symbol to ink their martial art or signature line. However, you need to take caution when you settle for that kind of symbol because a little mistake could mean a completely different message from what you actually intended.

Non-Secular Tattoos

You may be a bit surprised but non-secular tattoos are also very common. Typically, Christians will tattoo the Catholic crucifix, the Star of David and even though Islam condemns tattoos, some Muslims still choose the star crescent or the Hand of Fatima as the main center of their religious tattoos. Furthermore, Christians may opt for doves, angles, a praying hand or any other heavenly symbol. On the other hand, Jewish faithful’s have always preferred the Star of David, the name of Yahweh or the Enneagram. Hindus already have a culture that has long practiced the art of inking. For Hindus, their Hindu Gods like Vishnu, Shiva, Buddha, and the likes are their common tattoo options. Although, you would need to be a member of one of these religious faith to ink their tattoo. Lest you risk getting into a brawl depending on the religious group you may have pissed off.


Celtic Tattoos

Celtic tattoos used to be the best thing in tattoo about a decade ago before the coming of the Maori Tribal design that shook the tattoo world and displaced all other styles. However, the Celtic tattoos are still common, although not as they once were. Similar to the Tribal design but a bit more precise and elaborated in style and expression. Celtic Tattoos will most times feature Cross, Butterflies, Dragon, Heart and other symbols to create incredible imagery that thrill and excite the hard core rock fans and Gothic movement.

Tribal Tattoos

Tribal tattoos are by far the most common and widespread type of tattoo. Tribal tattoos were initially used by Maori and other tribes from New Zealand and Polynesia. Tattoos then meant a story, an identity, and a belief. Tattoos for those tribes then was like a body passport as every inking had its own unique message about the individual. Presently, our civilized world disregard the importance of tribal tattoo and they just have the visual appeal, they just use the tribal design to depict anything fancy. Most times, people use the tribal tattoo design to draw animals and for aggressive oriental kind of tattoo designs tattoos like bones, fist, or a slogan or name.


Well, in today’s world, tattoos are now seen as a part of fashion and most people look at it from that perspective now more than the idea that every tattoo should have a deep connection with you and must mean something, just like the tribal tattoo once used to be. However, one thing is sure, the tattoo industry is booming and its ever evolving nature could mean that in the next decade this list may be very outdated.



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