Poker run in Helsingborg Sweden

Poker run in Helsingborg Sweden
July 09
08:00 2015

Almost 400 bikes of all kinds of fabrics from Sweden, Denmark & Germany was gathered to Helsingborg Poker Run – 11th version.
This annual run is growing each year and when you attend it you know the reason why.

The starting point is at “Plattis” place, a huge ground a few kilometers from the central part of Helsingborg.
This place is full of exciting Things for people who love vintage cars and motorbikes. At the big hall there is a range of different cars, like Mercedes,  Rolls Royce among others.

IMG_2943 IMG_2938
Pictures: Jeanett Esfort

There is also a huge garage and workshop filled with all merchandises and gears to the bike freaks and Harley Davidson is surely number one here.

IMG_3048 IMG_3051

Pictures: Jeanett Esfort 

The run has 5 spots on a 55 km route around Helsingborg area.
The weather this year was really nice and the sun shined and maked sure that all the bikes looked a Little bit better.
Every bike riders got an unique starting kit showing the route, 1 food ticket – to the big barbecue served i the garden from 3pm + alot of sponsor material.
The first price winner with the best hand, would ride home with a SKK. 5.000.-
This year was 4 Queens enough but actually 2 hands was with Queens.
The hand with the Hearts to the first Price and the other hand took the second Price on SKK. 2.000.- Beside the 2 Cash prices, there was 16 big packs sponsor gift to all the Lucky Winners with the right starting number.

Picture: Jeanett Esfort

At 4 pm just before the Lucky Winners was picked, the organisers had arranged a surprise for the crowd, a flight show just above the “Plattis” area started right on time.
The pilot flying is one of Sweden´s best acrobatic pilots and the 8 minutes show with loops and wavings with the small acrobatic airplane, gave the bikers something to look up to.

After the run, the big barbecue, the flightshow and prices, it was time to break up for a super day and say goodbye to all the friends, family, brothers and sisters with many different patches on the back.

Here is a small selection of attending bikes.
To see the Whole photogallery of bikes, click the link below.

IMG_2977 IMG_2969

IMG_2966 IMG_2967
Pictures: Jeanett Esfort 



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  1. Frankfessel
    Frankfessel August 02, 21:55

    nice event in a nice city 😉

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  2. TheKing1
    TheKing1 August 01, 00:13

    great poker run in a great city!

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  3. Blueeyesofscandinavia
    Blueeyesofscandinavia July 23, 10:41

    Flotte sager!

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  4. Casandra
    Casandra July 13, 17:51

    Cool place very nice poker run with great people, food, and bike. not the last time i will be there.

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  5. peterkarlsson
    peterkarlsson July 09, 13:17

    det kommer bli riktigt coolt

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  6. William666
    William666 July 09, 13:15


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  7. Bikerballe
    Bikerballe July 09, 13:14


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