Pinups; From WW2 to Star Wars:

Pinups, they are legendary both as a lifestyle and in their own right as an art-style. In this article however, we shall be focusing on the art-style, seeing as the lifestyle could be a whole article of its own. But when we look at the art style, it is clear that it is well and alive today, despite having quite a few years behind it. It has however gone through quite the interesting transformation and journey, so to speak.

The first occurrence most people will think about, when it comes to pin-up art, would be from WW2. As many might know, pin-ups were often painted on allied fighter planes, as a form of encouragement to the troops. Often with a message around them, to boost moral. Many of these pin-ups were inspired by the beauty standards of the time.

Today, pin up art has become as varied as many other art style, with even, as it says in the subtitle, some pin ups being related to galaxies far far away. Indeed, pinup is more related to an art style, that empowers women through their allure and sexual presence, at least that is the idea. No matter what, it is quite the brilliant art style, that makes for awesome art with sex appeal, without it being too much.

Final Comment:

Indeed it is always interesting to see, how an art form can stay alive, but go on quite the journey. People probably never thought the art form would become what it is today. But yet again, it is incredible to see it alive and changing to fit the quirky times we live in.

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