Piercing as an Art Form in the States

Piercing as an Art Form in the States
September 28
08:12 2015

Piercing as an Art Form in the States

Piercing is today considered an accepted form of body art. It is not just a hobby anymore as it has become a multibillion dollar industry with young men and women being almost crazy about this form of self expression and individuality. There is no dearth of traditionalists who view body piercing and tattooing as a kind of self mutilation and nothing more than madness. Body piercing has been around since ages in various cultures of the world even though the western world was a little late to follow this art form. If religion was behind body piercing in the earliest times, it became an expression of virility, nobility, and strength in later periods of history. In recent times, body piercing has more to do with sensuality and rebelliousness than anything else.




New body parts and jewelry items

Body piercings were earlier confined to earlobes but today an individual can be seen with pierced upper lip, eyebrows, navels, cheeks, tongues, and even private body parts. Corresponding with the craze for this form of body art, one can see new and exciting type of jewelry being sold in the market and online. If you are interested, you can buy nostril screws, barbells, captive rings, and studs to wear in your pierced body parts. Like tattoos, body piercing is done to flaunt the jewelry worn on that part. Body piercing is carried out by the same nose piercing gun that is used to pierce the nose. It is carried out very quickly and mostly without using any kind of anesthesia. There are many beauty parlors and tattoo parlours where piercing is carried out for the clients.


"Venom" piercings: two tongue piercings placed horizontally

“Venom” piercings: two tongue piercings placed horizontally

Body piercing is not looked down upon these days

If one takes a look at statistics, he finds that nearly 72% of the population of the country has body piercing other than ear lobes. Body piercing is equally popular among men and women though women try it out on their navels, nipples, lops, and labia. On the other hand, men interested in body piercing get it done over their eyebrows, tongues, and ear lobes. Most of the people who go for body piercings say that they feel independent and happier and given a chance, they would go for body piercing once again.


Body piercing is today gaining immense popularity, and importantly, a respect by the majority of the population inside the country.
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