Personal Tattoo Machine; Forget The Camera Bring This

Personal Tattoo Machine; Forget The Camera Bring This
November 10
11:30 2017

Personal Tattoo Machine; On The Spot Tattooing:

The Personal Tattoo Machine, an invention by Jakob Pullog. Inspired by the old feeling, of having a camera with you and taking a picture to commemorate a moment, or a beautiful experience etc. However, this invention takes it one step further, by adding the experience of tattooing into the mix.

The invention itself is a portable tattoo gun, with a build in motor and power supply and simple needles to go along with it. It is not built for detailed tattooing, nor colorful tattooing. It is specifically built for on the spot tattooing, so a moment or a feeling, can be captured permanently on the skin, as it is happening.

The idea is to personalize the experience, as much as it can possibly be, by cutting away the tattoo artist. However, it’s creator does explain, that he is in no way trying to contest tattoo artists or put them out of business. He explains that he would still recommend that people go to a tattoo artist, if they want detailed or colorful, well crafted, tattoos.

Aiming For More Personal Tattoo Experience:

Pullog proclaims his invention was created for tattoo purist’s. Individual’s who want the most deep level of meaning in their tattoos, as possible. People who would not like their tattoos to be done by anyone but themselves. As they feel another person’s input would corrupt the tattoo experience and its meaning.

Despite proclaiming this, which may be true depending on the person. We at least believe, that for some individuals out there he may hit the nail on the head. Pullog does go on to elaborate, explaining that his invention is not for creating detailed and beautiful tattoos. It is meant for people that value meaning, over aesthetics.

Indeed with this addition, it does seem that a lot of thought has gone into the invention. It seems like an alternate option, for people that want the most personal tattoo experience possible. Whether this is a good idea, would be best left for individuals to decide. Even with the sanitation kit that comes with it, it certainly seems to carry some health risks and problems with it.

Final Comment:

Indeed, this invention is a peculiar one, it might be picked up as a trend. However, we here at Mediazink hope people are careful with it. Even with the sanitary precautions that might have been taken with it, it is still dangerously reminiscent of Scratching and home tattooing. There is nothing to stop people, buying bad ink for this thing or from forgoing sanitation. But we will leave the rest up to you guys, feel free to tell us what you think about this interesting invention.

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Mads W. K. Masters of science in Sociology (Cand. Scient. Soc.), from the University of Copenhagen, who specializes in embodiment sociology, but especially in tattoos and tattoo culture etc.

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