Paw-print Tattoos; Now This Is How You Honor Your Pet:

Now paw print tattoos are nothing new, they have been popular ever since the 90’s. But today some people are getting rather clever with them. Traditionally speaking, a paw-print tattoo is a replica of a standardized version, of the selected animals paw print. Meaning that except for what chosen style you go with and whatever tweaks your artists puts on it, there is not much special about it.

However, some people as we just said, are getting rather clever with it. They take the paws of their loved furry friend from home, put some ink on it and then they press it against some paper. Then they have a paw-print of their specific beloved pet. The reason this is really awesome, is the fact that animals paws, just like human hands (not fingerprints that is a whole other story), can vary a bit from animal to animal.

So getting your own pets specific paw-print tattooed on you, is a much more specific tribute to your love for it. So far it seems to mainly be done with dogs, it seems that hamsters, rabbits and cats (of course), are less compliant with having their paws dipped in ink. But hey, at least dog owners can go and get their pooch immortalized in a cool way.
That indeed also makes for quite the cool tattoo designs, depending on your artist and taste.

Final Comment:

Paw-print tattoos, it seems so simple yet it is quite clever. Especially for the people who love their pooch and whom are into simplistic tattoo designs. Plus in today’s world, only your imagination sets the limit. With the right artist it can become quite the incredible and very meaningful tattoo.

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