Pavel Ladziak; Turning His Body Into Grey Gold…

Pavel Ladziak; Turning His Body Into Grey Gold…
August 21
12:36 2017

Polish Viking; Looking Older To Boost Himself:

Pavel Ladziak, has made a name for himself on social media. He is part of what can be called the class, of social media bodybuilding gurus/personalities. However, Pavel is a bit special. Where most people on Instagram, seem to be going for the “forever young” looking goal, for their body building. Pavel has put a twist on it. He still works out and has quite the impressive physique. Also sporting a well tattooed arm.

But Pavel often gets mistaken for being closer to 60 than 40. Despite being very well trained and toned and only being 35. This is because Pavel spends a small fortune, dying his hair and beard to make it white/silver. He believes this “old buff viking” look, is what has made him a social media success.

Whether people agree with Pavel on this or not, at least his wife loves his look. Also, no one can take away from the man, that with his grey beard and powerful physique, he indeed does look like a “polish viking”. Plus he has made the look his own calling card.

Pavel’s quite impressive transformation.

A Trend Girls Also Did for A While:

It might not be totally new what Pavel does, though he does make it his own completely. But we here at Mediazink, haven’t forgotten when girls were all dyeing their hair, to make it silver or grey etc. So perhaps one could rather say, that Pavel has taken this, and reinvented it. Whether he has done this on purpose or whether he happened upon it coincidentally. It seems that he has found great success, in making himself look older while he also works out a lot.

Final Comments; Gianluca The Real Deal:

Pavel is indeed one impressive body builder and has made the grey look his own. Without criticizing him, as he does look quite awesome in our opinion, he is however not the first guy to do this. You can even say, that one man has him beat. Gianluca, an italian businessman worth an estimated 300.000.000 dollars. This business man, often struts his stuff on social media, showing off both his impressive physique and lavish lifestyle.

But Gianluca is actually 49, with a natural grey silver main and beard. He as well sports quite the impressive physique and embraces his age. But where he takes the cake for us here at Mediazink, is that not only is he one great looking 49 year old, but he also sports a body covered in loads of beautiful tattoos.

Call us Biased, but we can’t help but like that even more. Please people, we hoped you liked this lighthearted article, do keep an eye out on the site for more articles and great reviews. Follow us on Instragram (@Mediazink_Official), Facebook and YouTube.

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