Paul Jeffries’ Smilin’ Budha

Paul Jeffries’ Smilin’ Budha
June 18
06:00 2016

Trusting someone with your body is not an easy task, to allow someone to carve ink on your body seems like a menacing job. Choosing a tattoo artist cannot be an impulsive decision because his artistic creation on one’s body stays with them for the rest of their life.  But,  with Paul Jeffries, one can surely take that leap of faith. Calgary houses more than 30 tattoo parlors, Paul Jeffries’ Smilin’ Budha is undoubtedly one of the best.

The fact that Paul Jeffries is an artistic genius can be established by a factor that he got into an art school on scholarship, sadly the luck was not on his side. Another student, with a dominant green eyed monster, ruined his paintings, and he could not get in. Although heartbroken initially, he was determined. He got his first tattoo at a young age of fifteen. The tattoos were nothing amazing but rather ugly. Still, it was exclusive back then. Nonetheless, his teacher had faith in him, could see the talent and suggested Jeffries to create his own art.

Jeffries started tattooing in 1975. He moved to Calgary in 1978, at that point in time there were not many tattoos, more like none. As religion was dominant back then, tattooing did not sit well Catholics. But as Canada saw progression in religious beliefs people started accepting tattooing. Paul Jeffries became one of the youngest most acclaimed tattoo artists with his brilliance and sheer commitment towards his work.

He is articulate, extraordinarily talented and simply amazing. He has a book featured on him and his creativity. The book takes the reader on a fun tattoo ride around the world. The book set out with Jeffries’ initial days of motorbike painting. It further takes the reader to Jeffries’ experience with different other equally fascinating tattoo artists. The book also shows Jeffries’ perspective about tattooing. Jeffries has always been too willing to share his knowledge with young tattooers, even when every other tattooer wanted to keep their techniques as secrets. He is an inspiration. He has always aspired his tattoos to be bold and intricate.

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From the last three decades and so Jeffries has been working for Smilin’ Buddha to be an international brand. The whole team of artists at Smilin’ Buddha work as a team and work with a single-minded inspiration from Jeffries. In all these years Smilin’ Buddha has made a reputable name for itself all because of the hard work and vision of one man- Paul Jeffries. A huge number of Calgary-based athletes and celebrities are seen frequenting this tattoo parlor.

Life is all about taking a chance. One might lose one opportunity but there are innumerable other open doors. Jeffries could not get into an art school but with his determination, he achieved much more. Everybody loves his work. He has made his name as an artistic genius.


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