Passion; What Makes A Tattoo Artist Great!

Passion; What Makes A Tattoo Artist Great!
October 01
21:22 2017


Before I begin talking about the subject of passion. I first have to talk about, something which is important to me, that my readers understand. It is merely a reminder of something I have said before, but since it has been a while since I posted regularly, I will say it again.

What I talk about on my blog, is mainly my opinions, my own theories and my own ideals. They are based in my own experiences and research, of course you are more than free, to agree or disagree. You are also more than welcome to tell me, what you think, no matter if you agree or disagree with my theories or opinions.

I have nothing against discussing what I talk about, with people who keep all this in mind and who can discuss it in a civilized and calm way. So thank you for your time and let us get to it.

Passion; Not A Generational Thing…:

When it comes to passion, you can’t avoid noticing its importance in the world of tattooing. As to why it is so important we will get to that in a bit. But first I want to address another issue with it. There seems to almost be a believe, between some individuals, that passion is the property of one generation or the other.

Some of the veterans are blinded by the amount of hacks and fortune seekers, who just become tattoos artists in order to earn quick cash. Just like how some of the younger artists, are too blinded by the pride and stubbornness of some of the older guys and gals in the business. Both groups can because of this, fail to recognize the fact, that there are lots of passionate individuals in all generations.

Luckily however, I have met many  tattoo artists, through my work for Mediaiznk, my research and when I attend conventions. I am very happy that more often than not, whether I meet a veteran or a newcomer. What I hear is recognition of the passion of other artists, no matter their age or gender. It is especially beautiful to hear some younger artists recognizing the passion of the old timers. As well as it is awesome to hear, when old timers recognize and admire, when they see a passionate youngster. I hope this trend continues, so that artists keep their passion high.

Why Is It Important?:

So what is so important about passion you may ask? Well as a tattoo sociologist and a tattoo collector, I feel passion is more important than ever, especially when it comes to tattoo artists. In today’s world of tattoos, any person that buys a tattoo gun and rents somewhere to set up shop, can call themselves a tattoo artist. However, this is where passion comes in. Passion is what separates what could be called the pretenders and wannabes, from the true artists.

It is through passion, you are able to recognize the people, that would never do anything else. The artists that still see tattooing, as not only a job, but as both an art-form and a lifestyle. The people that are grateful to their clients for letting them live through their art. The artists that can’t help but draw all the time, when they are not tattooing. Tattoo artists, who are just as eager to finish a custom piece, as their client is. Because it is art, which is shared by them and their clients.

That said, passion also separates clients. To simplify it so it can be said quickly, clients can be divided into two groups. The passionate, who plan out cool tattoo projects or get completely nerdy about different tattoo artists and their specific art, and tattoo styles. They are particular about who they want to tattoo them and what they want, they challenge the artists and help them develop. Then there are what I would call the “ride along”. They don’t really care, they get whatever is cool at the time, often just getting tattooed by the nearest and cheapest artist available.

Final Comments; Artists And Clients Listen Up!:

Passion, it is so vital that both clients and tattoo artists keep it alive. We can discuss till the end of days the pros and cons, of the current tattoo culture and industry. But passion is still what makes the world of tattoos great and awesome. Passion from the clients as well as from the artists. It makes the art better and it makes the culture awesome. It creates great art and creates even greater artists!

I hope you enjoyed this blog-post, I will work hard to keep them coming every sunday. Should you want to, please follow me on Instagram (@tattoo_logia), to see what I get up to and such.

Stay awesome people!

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Mads W. K. Masters of science in Sociology (Cand. Scient. Soc.), from the University of Copenhagen, who specializes in embodiment sociology, but especially in tattoos and tattoo culture etc.

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