the 3 artists responsible for the exhibition.

Here is a tasty treat for all metal-head fans of Mediazink, which we will recommend you go and check out,
should you be attending Copenhell in June.

Now we all know Heavy Metal, like many other music genres, is mainly all about the music.
But at Copenhell, 3 artists are going to remind everyone attending, that the Heavy Metal is also about visual art.
They are going to take anyone who cares to go and see their exhibition, back to a time where album covers,
was the ultimate incentive, to buying the new music you weren’t sure about, when you went through the
metal section at your favorite music store. They want to show people the artwork, which gave a music
genre, its dark and gloomy visual identity.

The men in Question are; Thomas Ewerhard, Jan Meininghaus, Björn Gooßes.
These three men are all former and current musicians, they live and breath heavy metal and they want to
show you the importance of the metal art, and what it brings to the music.
Their focus is on the gore, violence and the visual story telling, that everything from heavy metal album covers,
to t-shirts, posters and much more, are all about. To them there is no music genre, with a stronger connection
between visual art and the music itself, than heavy-metal, and we couldn’t agree more.
They all also still work on album covers, for high profile metal bands such as; Doro, Kreator and Sodom.
If you are a metal fan with even the slightest interest in art, you should not miss out on these guys work.
You can even buy their paintings, prints and other stuff, at the festival in June.

For more about the exhibition check out Copenhell’s own website, where you can also check out more
about the guys individual work, and keep your eyes peeled for more, here at Mediazink after the festival i June.


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