Orange Is The New Black; Prison Drama with Comedic Twist:

Orange is the new Black took the world by storm, when it premiered in 2013. It has garnered a lot of fans ever since, whom are probably incredibly excited about the series being back for a 6th season now. A season that like the previous promises plenty of surprises, twists, laughs and more. No matter what we are sure that the main character Piper, will get into lots of predicaments as always.

Quite impressively, if you have seen the series, it is all based on a book, by the actual Piper Kerman. The book’s title is “Orange is the New Black; My Year in a Women’s Prison”. The series is definitely based on the book, but there must be some liberties that have been taken with the story line.

The series became very famous for it’s autenticity, which we will get more into in a bit. As well as how it tells the story. It shows just how much corruption and manipulation that can go on, from everyone in a prison. Both the inmates and the people who are supposed to run it, scheme and plot to get what they want out of a bad situation.
All while at the same time telling the fascinating story of Piper Kerman, as well as other fascinating inmates, through cool flashbacks throughout the episodes, and what goes on in the prison.

Real Bodies and Tattoos:

Even from the intro sequence, Orange is the new Black sets itself apart. It shows scenere of a prison, as well as the mouths/smiles of real life inmates. Some with tattoos around their lips and on their face even, others with damaged teeth or skin, real women from prison. Indeed, this is a tone the show does everything it can to follow and with much success. Their is nudity in the show, as an example, but the nudity is of bodies that are real, it is not super models or glamour model bodies. It is bodies with celolitys, stretchmarks, fat and everything.

And yes indeed also tattoos. You can ask just about anyone on the street, prison culture has a lot to do with tattoos as well. The show does anything but shy away from this. With many of the main cast even, having plenty of ink of them. A lot of it even resembles actual prison tattoos, which just adds to the authenticity of the show.


As an added and interesting bonus, at one point the world famous australian model, tattoo collector and androgynous spokesperson, Ruby Rose, was a cast member on the show. In her case though they let her use her own tattoos, even having a scene (spoilers?) where she has a conversation with main character Piper, about some of her actual tattoos.

Final Comment:

Orange is the new Black, we can’t recommend this show enough. It is highly critically acclaimed, so get your Netflix on and binge this show this summer, you will not regret it. The show is gripping and one that will get you invested in all it’s characters from the start and you will have a hard time, picking favorites we assure you.

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