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George ‘Professor’ Burchett 

Just like Eddison who was expelled from school for he was believed to be too stupid to learn science similarly little George Davis at the age of 12 was expelled from school for tattooing his classmates. George ‘Professor’ Burchett also entitled ‘King of Tattooists’ later, became a globally acclaimed artist and belonged to the English seaside town of Brighton, East Sussex.

He had joined the Royal Navy at 13, and was able to develop his tattooing skills while traveling overseas as a deckhand on the HMS Vincent. When he returned to England, he was trained in tattoo artistry in London by the legendary English tattooists Tom Riley and Sutherland  MacDonald.

His designs were influenced by his worldwide travels and incorporated African, Japanese and Southeast Asian motifs into his work. He also developed cosmetic tattooing with such techniques as permanently darkening eyebrows.

He became favourite among the wealthy upper class and the European royalty with a studio on Mile End Road, and 72 Waterloo Road, London. The King of Tattooists celebrates the claim of tattooing King Alfonso XIII of Spain, King Frederick IX of Denmark, the ‘Sailor King’ George V of the United Kingdom and Horace Ridler (‘The Great Omi’).

The King died suddenly on Good Friday in 1953 at the age of 81. His autobiography, Memoirs of a Tattooist, includes photographs illustrating some of his tattoo designs.


Alan Dean 

This British tattoo artist been tattooing for 25 years and is the owner of three of UK’s leading studios ‘Tattoo UK studios’ in the London area which also enjoy the entitlement of being internationally recognised. Apart from that Dean is a popular attendee and sponsor of many of the worlds Tattoo Conventions including Mexico, Tattoo Jam, Derby and Tattoo Freeze.


Private Photo:

Tattoo UK and Alan Dean are both award winners and  were involved in the Guinness world  record  for Simultaneous People Tattooed at Tattoo Jam in Doncaster , England.

 Amy Winehouse, McFly and a member of British girl band Sugababes got their tattoos from his studios.  

Louis Molloy

He’s the man who created a global buzz with the tattoo “guardian angel”. That’s right the same angelic figure right now covering the legendary Beckham’s back.

This Manchester -based tattoo artist designed David Beckham’s back tattoo, depicting a bald, winged, angelic figure. Beckham calls the tattoo his “guardian angel” and premiered it in 1999. 

He also completed tattoos on other celebrities including Spice Girls Me C ,Mel B and Victoria  Beckham ; all members of Boyzone and fellow Manchunian Ricky Hatton 

Began tattooing at the time when no apprenticeships were available to him due to the seedy sub-culture that tattooing was viewed as. Louis spent most of his teenage years honing his skills, and when he was 18 he opened his first, Manchester -based tattoo shop, which in the next decade became a world class establishment.

 Molloys diverse styles of tattooing, have twice gained him recognition at the UK Outstanding Artist of the Year awards.

In 2007, Molloy became a part of the Discovery Channel’s television team with the program “London Ink”. The show follows the daily happenings at the new shop.


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