Old Bones; Worlds Oldest Tattoo Kit Discovered:

Old bones can often be more than what we may first think. As some archaeologists discovered recently, on an old native american burial site in Tennessee. During this dig, they found some old strange turkey bones, which had been buried together with some corpses.  The site had originally been discovered in 1985. But scientists at the time had not investigated the findings properly.

Thus by recent further investigation into the findings, they found something new and very interesting. Some old turkey bones, earlier thought to have been part of some toolkit. They were actually proven to be the oldest ever discovered tattoo toolkit. The dig site would date the bones to be about 3600 years old. But the tools may even be over 5000 years old. Proving that tattooing on the American continent, especially North America, would be a way older practice than perhaps first anticipated.

Indeed, this is a fact that many anthropologists have already estimated for some time. But these bones help to prove that theory might actually have been reality. As archaeologists get better at recognizing tattoo related findings. We figure out that tattoos are a way bigger part of all human’s past, than we ever thought before.

Final Comment:

It is amazing to think about what old bones can show us. These proved to be the most ancient tattoo toolkit ever found. We can’t even begin to talk about the importance of this finding here. It is interesting not just for the world of tattooing, but also for people wanting to understand ancient humans (read more).

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