Nyhavn 17; Saving a Piece of History:

Nyhavn 17 also known as Tato-Ole (Tattoo Ole), is the worlds oldest still functioning tattoo studio. It is located in the heart of Copenhagen in the same building it has always been in. But the future of this legendary and illustrous tattoo studio, is in jeopardy. The restaurant which owns the building by now, is going to remove the tattoo studio, so they can expand their business to that room too.

There has been a fight going on to preserve the tattoo studio, which is still going on. Their is a petition out for people to sign and if you haven’t yet, please do so. This is a piece of Danish and world tattoo history, as well as culture.
It would not be right for it to be lost, to the greed of one restaurant. We need to guard and protect such a relic of our culture.

2 of the people fighting the hardest for the studio to be preserved. The first is Frank Rosenkilde, a legend in his own right. A veteran tattoo artist in Denmark, who knew Ole’s generation and was trained under them. The second is Majbritt “Lille Ole”, she is the current owner of Nyhavn 17, Tato-Ole studio. She works tirelessly to preserve it and it’s history.

Final Comment:

Nyhavn 17 will hopefully be preserved, with the help and support of the tattoo community, and anyone else who sees its historic and cultural value. Majbritt is even hosting a support party/get together at the studio on this saturday the second of June. So if you are in Copenhagen, go show your support.

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