Nordic Ink event in Frederikshavn 2015.
For the Fifth time the convention in the Northern part of Denmark
taking place in Arena Nord.

Mediazink will cover the convention with our travelling team.

Be ready for some awesome stories and great pictures with super ink from artists
visiting from Germany, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Photo: Nordic Ink 2015

Festival program 2015

FRIDAY OCT. 23th 2015

16.00: NORDIC INK FESTIVAL ‘15 Opens – v/Lisbeth Østergaard

16.00: Art Fusion live on stage

19.30: Live music – Thomas&Kevin

20.00: Best Weird Tattoo

21.00: Best Tattoo of the Day, Friday

22.00: Doors closes


SATURDAY OCT. 24th 2015

12.00: Doors open

13.00: Best Feminine Tattoo

14.00: Best Traditional Tattoo

15.00: Best New School Tattoo

16.30: Live music – Tim Lothar

17.00: Best Color Tattoo

18.00: Best Black and Grey Tattoo

19.00: Live music – Thomas&Kevin

20.00: The Best Nordic Tattoo Artist

21.00: Best Tattoo of the Day Saturday

22.00: Doors closes


SUNDAY OCT. 25th 2015

10.00: Doors open

11.00: Best Oriental Tattoo

12.00: Best Realistic Tattoo

13.00: Best Cover-up Tattoo (remember photo of original tattoo).

14.00: Best Tattoo of the Day Sunday

15.00: Best Tattoo of the Show + final auction art fusion

16.00: NORDIC INK FESTIVAL ‘15 Closes