Nikita Klosewood 

Why did you start being a model and how long have you been doing this?


When I was 19 years old I began to be interested in modeling. I did a few photoshoots. One day, somebody in Paris came to me when I walking on the street and asked me if I would be interested in doing prêt-à-porter Paris fashion week show. I had no tattoos then, and I was even thinner than now haha. It was for Bernhard Willhelm – a German Fashion designer.  I accepted this offer and I did two fashion shows for him. Later on, I had the opportunity to take part in Cadolle corsetry brand fashion show in Paris. Then I began to get inked and made more photoshoots. I was working as a dancer in Paris also. I had the opportunity to be featured in Inked Magazine, Newlook Magazine, and recently on Playboy TV.


You’re also a performer. Which of your many artistic skills did you learn first and which one next?


Firstly I learned the pole dance. I was fascinated by the sexy strip clubs creatures moving sensuality around the pole as far as their ability to do acrobatic tricks, and I wanted to do the same. Then later on I learned aerial hoop. I also trained in a circus school to try different kinds of aerials. Then I tried silks, trapeze and more acrobatic but it was not for me. I preferred to learn acrobatic chains and acrobatic ropes. I felt more connected with it. What is more, I also used an acrobatic harness to make 360° tricks that I bought to expand the performances to make a different level in my shows.


What would you say to yourself and what advice would you give yourself if you could go back to the time when you started posing in front of the camera?


Give the people what you wanna see yourself. This advice is meaningful for a model, as well as for a dancer or performer. If you are in front of a camera or in front of the audience. Embody in this what you dreamed about..


How do tattoos on your body affect your career as a model and as a performer?


Nothing special to say. I just feel good to have my tattoos cause they are part of myself. This is a visual identity that I created for myself. I just feel very tired to answer all the time for the same questions asked by people like: “what’s the meaning of your tattoos”, “how many tattoos do you have”, “are this tattoos real”… I wonder they could consider tattoos are only a small percentage of a person’s identity and that we’re a human being before anything, not only defined by any physical appearance.


You have many successes, which of them is the most valuable for you?


My best memories are definitely performing for Hellfest Festival (France) with my own team Mystical Tribes. Another big success for me is also performing for the Wasteland Party (Amsterdam) which is just a fabulous event! I like a lot performing during Polish Tattoo Conventions too cause they have the best stages I’ve seen in the tattoo universe. It’s important for artists to perform at good stage. And there are a really good atmosphere on all the events where I’ve been.


What performances do you like best? As a performer, you are able to offer a lot, but I think something definitely makes you more joyful and something less. And what about group performances, do you prefer solo or group shows?


I like the most being in the air, doing acrobatics and tricks (especially aerial chains and aerial ropes). I enjoy a lot when I’m doing big fire shows which involve spitting fire and a lot of pyrotechnics effect. As a solo performer as well as in group shows. All of that always done with big beautiful costumes and make up for a strong visual impact.


What do you like most about being a model and what do you like most about being a performer?


To give life and put a visual to the dreams which are in my head to embody my fantasies and to make my dreams come true. I’m always a bit frustrated when I’m on stage because I dan’t see the show then (haha). So, firstly I do the show for the audience and then I’m glad when I got beautiful pics from photographers and video makers. This allows me to take the satisfaction to see the vision of the show which I imagined.


You are not only a photo model and an artist but you are also a hostess on tattoo conventions. How do you find yourself at such events?


Tattoo conventions are a place where I feel like at home so that’s always a pleasure to work during them.



What are your other hobbies except modeling and performing? What do you like to do in your free time?


I did a lot of music. My both parents were music teachers in the conservatory so I’m playing 10 years on the piano, 6 years on violin, and a few years on flute. I learned to read and write music… I also did graphic studies so I draw and paint. I also create accessories like costumes, headpiece, and trash dolls… What is more, I read a lot about personal development and other stuff too. I also learn to tattoo others for a short time.


What are your biggest dreams?


I achieved a lot of dreams. I wish I could be the best version of myself. And try to do my best to help other people around me to become their own best version. Find peace, happiness, and connection with oneself and others is in my eyes the best what we can do.


All photos were made by Kamila Burzymowska

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