Nick Morte; Fighting For Tattoo Rights in Norway:

We would like to give people an update on Nick Morte, and the Trial he is still fighting through.
Nick was deported from Norway, where he worked as a tattoo artist and had worked and lived for many years.
His deportation was based on one simple fact; the government of Norway do not recognize tattooing as a proper job and craftsmanship, thus it does not provide valid reason for anyone holding a work visa in Norway.

Nick did not take his deportation lying down, he has and continues to fight the Norwegian government in court.
He hopes that through his case, finally the Norwegian government will recognize tattooing as a proper craft and job.
This will in the future help many other artists, wanting to work and live in Norway.

However, Nick knows that many tattoo artists in Norway are themselves afraid of change and what regulations may come with the government Recognizing tattooing. But as Nick says, they need to open their eyes and see the greater good of the situation. They also need to recognize that he is not trying to impose new laws and legislations on tattooing, he is just trying to get the craft and the skills needed for it, recognized by the Norwegian government.

Final Comment:

We hope that nick succeeds, for all of the people we know in Norway, within the tattoo industry. We truly hope that nick succeeds in his mission. He is still fighting and is currently as we speak back in court. Luckily Nick has a past studying law, so he might have an edge when he adds that knowledge to his experience as a tattoo artist.

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