Nick Morte Deported From Norway To Russia

Nick Morte deported from Norway

It was brought to our attention that the Russian born tattoo artist, Nick Morte was
deported from Norway to Russia – even that his court case in Oslo wasn´t finally completed with a decision.

Here is what Nick stated on his facebook 15 hours ago:


I’m free, I’m safe, but I am in Moscow!

I got forced to leave Norway and wait for the court decision in Russia.
Of course, I expected that, but I did not think that I will be sent to my beautiful home country handcuffed and undressed, after being locked in prison for 3 days without proper warrant.
Great job Norway!

Well, at least I’m not under arrest anymore and I have access to my phone and Internet.

NIck Morte in the courtroom in Oslo
Photo from the court seven days ago.

Social media is now overflowing with opinions from colleagues and tattoo fans from all over the world.

Here is a post taken from a fellow norwegian artist, Jannicke Wiese-Hansen.

Jannicke Wiese-Hansen.
Photo: Jannicke Wiese-Hansen

Translated from a norwegian post to english:

I post a lot about Nick Morte and Nina Red these days …. They are friends and colleagues who have now been deported from Norway in the middle of a court case where there is no judgment for a residence permit yet … This has nothing to do with asylum policy, foreigners go home and all the other gibberish many scroll forward up in his head about such situations … we expect yourself to get work and live where we want in the world, because we have an interest in the country and will help there … This is also the case for Nick and Nina. They are happy in Norway and would like to contribute to the nation’s best. They have had a residence permit and everything was ok, but then this would be renewed was suddenly decided that tattooing was not a good enough job to let them stay.
The crux is a degradation of our profession that some artists and a revocation of an already approved residence permit because someone decided that tattooing was not an approved job …. One must have perennial education to be approved … Our profession has always been a little on the outside of most other jobs. Unofficial apprenticeships (unofficial compared to that they are not regulated, and there are very few tattoo schools, and these are miserable, all as one) thus we get not a respected profession. About tattoo artists take many years graphic design etc, it is still not a qualified education for tattoo. Then they must either be graphic designers, as this matches the aforementioned education.

Nick is a graduate lawyer, Nina graduated accountant – but both will work in fields where they brillierer and have genuine love for …. But it will not be approved. If they had chosen their educated professionals had they both got to be …. In a way, should they not be doubly approved: They are both experts in their chosen professions, with a perennial backup education to possibly fall back on, if their “hobby jobs are “going to fall through ….. Double-skilled, tax paying artists – without final judgment, – but like they should – with all the costs it entails for the Norwegian government.

Understand what it can. And these days are stunned friends, colleagues and friends of friends and gaped. Can this be true? Is this a way to treat people? Arrested as criminals, led out of the country in shame and handcuffs, no extra clothes …. What the hell? And all because the government would not wait for a judgment that will fall in a week?

Mediazink will follow this case!