Nick Morte; A Short Update:

Nick Morte and his court case against the Norwegian government. Many of you will already know the name and what he fights for, if you have been following us this year. But to bring the rest up to scratch here is a very short summary:

After having lived in Norway, working as a tattoo artist for 6 years. Nick Morte who is originally from Russia, was deported. Despite being a lawful citizen, paying his taxes and everything, Nick was deported. This is all because of how Norway does not view tattooing as an actual profession (or rather doesn’t recognize it as such). But Nick did not take his deportation lying down. He went to court with the Norwegian government, both for his own case. But even more so, for the sake of making tattooing a recognized profession and craft in Norway.

So on these terms, armed with his knowledge as a tattoo artist and his ace in the hole, his experience studying law before he was a tattoo artist. Nick went to court and it has been a long and grueling trial. but yesterday lightning struck and Nick stood victorious. Nick won his court case on all accounts. This is a big win not just for Nick, but for tattoo artist in Norway as a whole, especially foreign artists living in Norway.

Final Comment:

This is just a short update on Nick Morte and his court case. It will be exciting to see what Nick himself decides to do, now that he won his court case yesterday. We will be trying to get back in touch with Nick for a follow up interview at some point. But no matter what, we are so happy for Nick and happy for Norway taking a step in the right direction.

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