Nice Tattoo Parlor; Making a more Feminine and Friendly Space for Tattooing:

Nice Tattoo Parlor, is a studio in New York, where it’s owners are trying to rethink how things are done.
We all have somewhat the same ideas, even with how things have changed in the past years, of what a tattoo parlour is like. At least that is what Jessica Dwyer might think, one of the owners of Nice Tattoo Parlor.

Jessica Dwyer herself.

When she opened her studio (together with the other girls she own’s it with), the idea was clear. They wanted to rethink the tattoo parlor, making it a space where everyone, especially women could feel welcome and at ease.
They wanted to move away from what they see as the ego filled and very male dominated culture of tattooing.
Instead creating a very chic and well decorated, calm and modest studio. As they put it, a place with no ego’s and no intimidation.

Whether you agree with them or not, with the huge variety of tattoo studio’s today, you can’t help but find what they are doing interesting. Plus they have the tattoo skills to back up their project, as can clearly be seen on their website.
Certainly it is interesting, and something different than what one might be used to going into a tattoo studio. No matter who owns it. It is definitely without as much ego and with a lot more modesty.

Final Comment:

Nice Tattoo Parlor is definitely rethinking what a tattoo parlor is and how it should look. Whether they are the first ones or the only ones, is a whole other story, which is much more up for discussion. But one thing is certain, they are definitely taking what they are doing further than most and it is very interesting, and in a way, refreshing to see (read more).

Especially considering there are today, in most countries including the US; more women than men getting tattooed. We might see a lot more people, following in Jessica’s footsteps with their tattoos studios in the future.

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