So, the next convention I will attend is the World Famous Stockholm Ink Bash Convention in Stockholm, Sweden. Stockholm Ink Bash is the biggest convention in Sweden and I love being there. A lot of amazing tattoo artists, meet all my friends from around the world and just hang out. The atmosphere at this convention is great and you can see that everyone enjoys it. If you´re going, you can find me in the MediaZink Booth! Here is some photos from last year.

Freja, Levgen and I

The great Matt Curzon

The great Fru Duva with the backpiece she did on my friend Daniel

My friend Sarah working hard

My friend Charly working hard

My friend Amina got tattooed by the great Negus

Me and my friend Emmy

I hope to see you all at Stockholm Ink Bash August 25th – 27th.
Check out for convention info.