My name is Kamila Burzymowska. I’m a photographer. I work only with tattooed models. I cooperate with tattoo conventions, tattoo shops and tattoo magazines.

You can see my pictures on my website and on my social networks.


Few weeks ago I’ve done photo session with twelve tattooed models and custom motorcycles based on Harley-Davidson’s engines. I would like to publish my pictures as a calendar for next year. It will be a wall calendar with twelve cards in horizontal format A2 (590mm x 420mm). It will be done on coated carbon paper with high quality print.


The following template is just an example of how the calendar will look like and it is prepared solely for the purpose of visualization. The final version will be differ than this one because it will be prepared by a professional graphic artist. The following images contained in the visualization will not be on the calendar.


Below you can see pictures being used in the calendar. I’m publishing one picture every evening.

kamila-burzymowska-tattoo-calendar-1 kamila-burzymowska-tattoo-calendar-2 kamila-burzymowska-tattoo-calendar-3 kamila-burzymowska-tattoo-calendar-4 kamila-burzymowska-tattoo-calendar-5          kamila-burzymowska-tattoo-calendar

One week ago I stared my project on Polish crowdfunding platform. I’m looking for people who would like to involved and buy my calendar or a company which would like to put their logo and advertise them self into it. All I need to do is rise funds and print calendar.


If you would like to see more you can visit my project website: Unfortunately all is written in Polish but there is a video with English subtitles. Of course I’m open minded for your ideas. If you have any question feel free to contact me.



Kamila Burzymowska


Mobile: +44 502 928 161