Nadia Bolz-Weber; From Sinner to Saint:

Nadia  Bolz-Weber is not your average pastor, by any stretch of the word. Whether you are religious or not, you are bound to find what she does and who she is interesting. But before we dive into what Nadia is like as a pastor. We would like to get into what she is like as a person and what led her to become a pastor.

The first thing many notice about Nadia, is her appearance, she is a short haired, buff and tatted up lady, with confidence and elegance exuding from her. She started getting her tattoos at 17 and they have been a part of her adult life ever since. However, her tattoos are also a part of her bad past that she wears every day, perhaps as a reminder.
She had her struggles with alcohol and drug abuse for many years, before she became a pastor. So she has indeed gone from sinner to saint, so to speak.

She worked in the restaurant industry and even had a short career as a stand up comedian. She has now been sober for 22 odd years and has preached for quite some time too. She is doing her best to help people and to reform Christianity for the better, in her own small way.

All Tatted Up and Preaching Love:

She has used her own life experiences, as a reminder and an eyeopener to her, when she opened her own church. Creating a place, where those that are normally ridiculed by the right wing conservatives, as not fitting the image of a good christian. As well as the one’s found too pious for the leftwing. Can come and practice their faith with other “outcasts”. There is no judgement in her church, anyone can come, whether they look like Nadia, or hare straight laced, it is for anyone that doesn’t feel at home in  normal church.

She also does all she can to help anyone, struggling with addiction, depression or any other similar issues, whether they are of her faith or not. She truly welcomes all, proven by how a large part of her churches members, are also part of the LGBT community.

She has created a one of a kind church, with a one of a kind community. Hopefully she will inspire more people of faith, to have a more open mind. To not judge others or be scared of those who are different or not of their own faith.
At least she is making a difference in Denver, where her church is located. “The House for All Sinners and Saints”

Final Comment:

Nadia Bolz-Weber, she is truly a one of a kind. Proving both through herself and her sermons, that not only should you not judge tattooed people by their cover. But you should keep an open mind towards everyone in the world. Whether they have problems or not and no matter what they look like. We hope she succeeds in changing people’s minds with her work.

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