My Tattoo Story; From High-School Till Today.

My Tattoo Story; From High-School Till Today.
August 09
16:42 2017

Humble Beginnings:

I am telling my tattoo story, because I was inspired to do so by my two colleagues, Sara-Melanie and InkAndReality.
Non the less, I hope you will enjoy hearing about my tattoo journey from its beginnings till today.
I realize that some parts of it, I might have talked about before in previous blog posts, but I hope you will like this anyways.

It all started in 2008, I had a nice job and I was still in my final year of high-school. I loved high-school, it helped me begin to get over my past with bullying, which resulted in my lion tattoo, as talked about in a previous blog post.
But more importantly, my first tattoo was my Yang tattoo. It isn’t my best tattoo I have, surely it is the simplest one I have.

My first two tattoos, background color was added later to improve them a bit and because I love color.

But it means the most to me, I got it because of my twin brother. Me and him can get into some pretty hectic fights pretty easily. So though I originally tried to put a ton of other meanings into it as well. The one that stuck, is simply a reminder that I always will love my brother, no matter what.

From a Viking Elephant To a Star Wars Sleeve:

I have always for better or worse, not really given much thought to what others think about me. I never tried to be popular and never really cared to, so I didn’t have many friends or too important people in my life.
However, some of the people I have known in my life that mean a lot to me, have inspired and continue to inspire my tattoos.

My samurai polar-bear on my left ribs.


But I have never been one for portraits, plus I fell in love with the new school style. This resulted in a pretty abstract line of though, resulting in a samurai polar bear being my 3rd tattoo. Then as I studied in England, I had a bit of a “poetic” period in my lie. So I decided to immortalize two poems I had created (which I will not write here), symbolizing friends and family. Resulting in my water with the Chinese character for family in it and fire with the character for friends. These weren’t the best made tattoos either, but I let an artist I knew practice color work on me and I haven’t regretted them.

After this I got one of my favorite tattoos ever done on my other ribs (polar bear was on the left). Which was a Viking Elephant in honor of my father and hold the tissues people, he is still alive. I just always thought I would rather honor people with tattoos while they can see them, if it can be helped.

My viking elephant on my right ribs.

Not Just About the Deep Meaning:

However I do not only have tattoos with really deep meaning. I also got two Friday the 13th gimmick tattoos done, by my regular artist. Who held these events at his then tattoo studio in Copenhagen: So a lot of us went and got small flash art done, which resulted in cherries on one wrist and a teacup on the other (teacup is now covered up).

I don’t care to show the gimmick tattoos, but this is a Thors Hammer “Crest”, I had done because I think it’s awesome and I like vikings.

I do plan to get a lot more tattoos in the future, which don’t really carry much more meaning, than that I love the artwork of the specific artist. However, my latest tattoo is all about my love for Star Wars. Which is kind of connected to my father again. One of my first memories is watching star wars with him and my brother when I was 3.
But yeah, I have loved everything star wars and tattoos ever since I was very little, so it was natural for me to devote a sleeve to it (which I am soon having finished).

They are a Sith and a Jedi pinup, done from my own idea and my tattoo artists own design (Thomas Locke has done most of my tattoos).

Where I Am Today:

But yeah, I will probably always get tattoos with somewhat deep meaning. Despite being a social scientist and an atheist. I just love making up my own symbolism, to kind of remind me about who I am and anchor that to something. To me, that something is tattoos.

But currently, the money is tight and has been for a while, so I don’t get many tattoos lately. However, In these times, I always plan my tattoos. Because that is how like to go about it, not knocking spontaneous inkers!
I just love planning it and making it perfect. The idea that is, I still leave all the artwork to the artist, as I want to honor their artwork as much as possible.

I have pretty much planned all of my body so far. I know certain places I don’t want tattooed; my face, throat and abs. Else from the side of my head to my feet, I want it all covered. So I am always itching to get the artists I get crazy about to ink me.

Final Comment:

I hope you enjoyed this look into my tattoo story, I guess it isn’t the most linear told story, but that is just how I am.
As always, keep an eye on Tattoo-Logia for more of my theories, stories and so on. I will always do my best to bring you some awesome content when I can.

Thank you for your ongoing support, please follow me on Instagram (@tattoo_logia) and stay awesome people!

PS: I apologize for bad quality pictures, I am neither a photographer nor a model. They were also, taken with my phone.

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Mads W. K. Masters of science in Sociology (Cand. Scient. Soc.), from the University of Copenhagen, who specializes in embodiment sociology, but especially in tattoos and tattoo culture etc.

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