My dear friends and followers, MediaZink readers!
I wanted to personally thank you for your interest to my case and for all the support!
We have won!
Yes, I’m saying “we”, because without you I would have never made it.

When I got illegally deported from Norway to Russia in 2016, my case looked hopeless: the government refused to recognize professional tattoo artist’s work as a “real job” and physically removed me from the country, even though I have been living there for 6 years, running my own company and paying taxes.

Of course, I chose to fight for my rights and stand against injustice. It was not easy, but your support encouraged me to keep going, and now, when I look back, I don’t regret anything that has happened.

Winning the Court Of Appeal, I have proved myself innocent, cleared the name of independent artists in Norway, and won my life back!

But most importantly, I received a chance to explain to authorities that my profession can not be regulated by primitive set of rules – we are journeymen and our skill level won’t be measured by common standards.

This is huge victory for all of us, here, in Scandinavia!

I’m happy to say that now I’m back to Oslo, and looking forward to starting tattooing after two years of, pretty much, living on the road as a traveling artist.

One more time, thank you for encouragement and motivation, you are the best!
Love .
Nick Morte.

I have choosen these artpieces for you readers, hope you will like them.


I also have a few tattooes for you:


Last but not least