My beloved cheastpiece

My beloved cheastpiece
September 24
22:57 2017

My beloved cheastpiece 

So, what is the first tattoo you notice when you see me? Most people would say my chest piece or at least the people I meet everyday at my work. For you curious folks out there I work at the Copenhagen airport as an Sales Advisor for the brand H&M.. soon starting on my 10th year.
Back to the chest tho. Today I thought I would share some pictures of my tattoo and the artist.

7 years ago I went to Meltdown tattoo convention, witch is runed by tattoo artist Mardo Kurdian from Amigo Ink in Trollhättan, to have my chest piece done. Alex my tattoo artist from Rites of Passage though it would be such a wonderful idea to do the tattoo in one sitting to compete for the Best of Show competition. And yes how could I ever turn down this sweet and Lovley English…bastard, haha! So Saturday came and I sat hard like a rock for 7 hours while Alex tattooed me. Did we win the best of show price then.. well heck yes we did and it was totally worth the pain and fever I got. I love my tattoo and it is one of a kind.
I have always been spontaneous when it comes to what I get on my body, and so was this.

The one and only cheastpiece

The picture is 3 Mexican skulls also know as sugar skulls and i Love the meaning behind it. Dias de muertos, the day of the dead. The day you celebrate your loved ones that has left us and moved on to their next journey.

I gave Alex my idea and he came up with the idea of having one skull as a realistic portrait, how could I not love it.
But little did I know Alex had a secret behind the tattoo, one that I always tell when people ask me if it’s a portrait of me….
A few weeks or so after I had the tattoo Alex told me that the actual face he used as a stencil was no one less than Megan Fox (!!!!)
What can I say, you can laugh now and die later.

Me sunbathing with a 7 year old tattoo

So this one goes out to you my dear old friend…
I love you, you crazy son of a bit…. and I wish you all the best of luck with your new adventures out in the world!!

Me and the one and only Alex

over and out for this time and for all my loved ones out there

Leave the rainy days behind and let the sun shine upon you


// Sara-Melanie

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    Mads September 25, 11:22

    Nice article and a super picture of Alex 😛

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