From Denmark, to all of you, a little something called STATEMENT.. 🇩🇰

Statement is a five piece band, coming out of Copenhagen.. And they come out with a awesome Heavy sound, and some super catchy melodies, that will take your breath away.. The sound and style is, in my humble opinion, in the area of such great bands as Pretty Maids and Volbeat, and that is very good in my book.. But let’s see what their label, Mighty Music, has to say about these guys..

STATEMENT has already been recognized by some of the greatest Danish rock n´rollers, like Michael Denner (Mercyful Fate) and the 2014 debut album “Monsters” received great response worldwide placing the band among the most important players within the Danish hardrock scene.The sound of STATEMENT can be compared to SCORPIONS, BLACK SABBATH, and METALLICA. We’re basically talking straight, bad-ass classic hard rock here.The new album has been recorded and mixed by Tue Madsen at Antfarm Studio (Moonspell, Sick Of It All, Raunchy) and contains 11 hard hitting songs.



The story of STATEMENT started in 2011, when Niels Alex – drummer of now departed Danish prime metal act Pilgrimz – met up with longtime friend and vocalist Jannick Brochdorf. Niels Alex was already an experienced musician on the Danish metal scene and has been playing in bands since 1994. With Pilgrimz he has been playing shows alongside bands like Motörhead, Gojira, Carcass, Dio, The Haunted, Volbeat and countless other bands, and festivals like Roskilde, Sweden Rock and Metaltown, to name but a few. But in Pilgrimz his passion for rock music wasn’t satisfied, and the drums were put aside, and the guitar was picked up instead. Together with Jannick, who for a number of years had been writing songs on his own, they built the foundation for a classical hard n´Heavy rock band with clean and raw vocals, lots of heavy guitar riffs, solos and themes – which resulted in the band STATEMENT. All members were inspired by classical hard rock/metal acts such as Scorpions, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Motörhead, Mecyful Fate, Metallica and all the other immortal kings of rock and metal. So even though the majority of the band had been playing extreme metal for 25 years, they all had a yearning to go back to their roots. On the new STATEMENT album the listener will experience that the band has evolved, and gained some edge and tempo – at times maybe even becoming a little more “metal”, but still retaining the “bluesy” feel that blends with the flowing beautiful choruses…

Last words : The newest and fantastic ” Force of life” album kick ass, plane and simple.. The clean but raw vocals, the tight and heavy sound, and the super catchy melodies, will undoubtedly make you sing along, and probably also make you grab a beer or two.. 😎👍🏻

As always, i recommend you give it a try, especially if you are in a air guitar, sing along mood.. 🤘🏻😈

I will be back soon, with more music suggestions.. Until then, bang that head that doesn’t bang..

🤘🏻😈👍🏻 Bamze..