Hep hey to all….

And now to something completely different…. 😈

With Alterbeast, we are in the extreme end of the metal genre, and i will describe it as “technical death metal”..

These guys hit hard and fast, and I love it…

They have the ability to make some cool melodies and some groovy parts, that goes right in the air guitar.. 😉

Some people don’t like the blast parts of this genre, but too many don’t give it the chance to function within the songs as a whole…

This is not the biggest name in the genre, in metal or in the press, but in my opinion they have the ability to do something big, in the “class of the extreme”… And I’ve been right before… 😉👍

Let’s check out their history, in the words of the internet :

Alterbeast is an American technical death metal band. Having come a long way from their days as a lowly opener with a silly name, they very quickly became a rising star in tech that even managed to survive a near-breakup and semi-hiatus before rewarding the patience of their fans with a triumphant return.

Formed in Sacramento, California as Gary Busey Amber Alert in 2010, they eventually changed their name to Alterbeast in 2013 after a major lineup change, with the initial Alterbeast lineup being Cam Rogers (vocals), Andrew Lamb and Rusty Cornell (guitars), Michael Zamora (bass), and Gabe Seeber (drums). They immediately recorded their full-length debut and signed a deal with Unique Leader Records, and in March of 2014, Immortal was released to solid reviews and created a fairly substantial amount of buzz. After various regional shows and tours, they managed to snag an opening spot on a fall tour with The Black Dahlia Murder, Suicide Silence, and Chelsea Grin, though Cam left shortly before the tour for personal reasons and was replaced by Monte Barnard. 2015 brought a spring tour supporting Boris the Blade and Abiotic, and Gabe also officially left after that tour (they had had a fill-in who joined full-time sometime after) and was replaced by Mikey Wilson (Mouth of the Serpent). The Devastation on the Nation tour came later in the year, and that was where their run of good luck came to an end. Due to various factors (some Andrew’s fault, some due to the perils of being in a low-level touring act), the band started to fall apart, and after Mikey had to leave the tour early due to day job-related difficulties, the band flew Gabe in as an emergency fill-in to finish the remaining dates before they eventually cut their losses, dropped off the tour and went home early, and essentially broke up. Fans who asked what was up with the band were told that they were theoretically still a thing, but not much more than that.

A brief flicker of activity emerged in early 2016, when the band posted a brief snippet of a demo that they had been playing live, though the band remained relatively silent for a while after that. There was talk through the grapevine of Alex Bent tracking session drums for a new album and Cam returning to track vocals, but everything else had to be left to speculation. This changed around the end of the year, when Andrew Lamb announced their new live lineup: Michael Alvarez (vocals), Nate Graham (guitar), Chad Felix (bass), and Dylan Walker (drums), along with a headlining tour for the beginning of 2017. Walker wound up not working out, however, and Nathan Bigelow (Singularity) wound up taking the drum spot. Various other shows took place throughout the year, and that summer, they finally recorded their long-awaited sophomore album, with Alvarez tracking vocals. A fall tour with Arkaik and Inanimate Existence followed, and in November of 2017, they formally announced Feast, their followup to Immortal, which will be released on February 23, 2018. Various tours are apparently in the works and the band hopes to hit the road hard and make up for lost time.


Final words:

I’ve heard the “Immortal” album, and were very impressed, but when the “Feast” album came out, it blew me away, in the best possible way…

This is so cool, hard, groovy and the sound is awesome and well produced. Which, by the way, often is very important to me… 😎

This is for people who are into bands like “Spawn Of Possession” , “The Ritual Aura” and the likes of this …

So, fasten your seatbelts, and give it a try… 🤟🤩

Have a great time, until next time…

Bamze.. 🤘🏻😈💪🏻