Ms. Flakiss

Vanessa, AKA Ms Flakiss was born to create. At a young age she experimented with different mediums on paper and at a young age inspired by makeup calling herself “obsessed and in love with the color pinkRight out of high school she gravitated to tattooing to experiment with another creative medium, skin to remain an artist and be creative, secretly tattooing her young friends. Her art is heavily influenced by Chicano tattoos, high fashion (Vogue, models, etc.)  and her Mexican American culture. She’s greatly inspired by Jose Lopez, Mr Cartoon and of course later Kat Von D.

She is first generation Mexican American originally from Miami now tattooing at Black Hive Ink and Arts in Fayetteville, NC since 2018 saying “The world is too big to live in one place your entire life”. She is self-taught and has been tattooing since 2011. She is known for her black and grey realism focusing on the study of flowers as botanical art. Creating tattoos as a botanical illustration made from live plants. There is simply no substitute for the discerning talents of an artist capturing the essence of the plant form.

Ms Flakiss is passionate about our planet, bees, treatment of animals and is working on choosing a nonprofits to donate her time and art to raise awareness. She first went vegan for personal health issues and after more research stayed vegan for animal rights. She is looking for the right fit with sanctuaries that have rescued animals from testing labs, or slaughterhouses.

She plans to continue her career by traveling to global and tattoo conventions here in the states saying, “The best ones are where all my friends are … it is a big family reunion.” She will be constantly pushing her art and competing against some of the best artists in the world. Plus, ultimately she plans to own a business that helps the planet or animals.

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