My motivation at this time comes from Kali Muscle.

The reason why I like kali Muscles is he is so freaking funny, He are screaming, joking, and showing the world that he can wipe his own ass, The man is a genius, but he is motivation to, it’s impossible you can´t be motivated by his story, his muscles, his workout videos and good sense of humor.

I know there are a lots of you guys out there that will look at him, and then turn his videos off, and I really don’t know why? Yes the guy is huge, and do you know why, because he knows what he are doing, and he never gave up his dream! he is a bodybuilding/fitness expert, listen to him, understand what he is saying.

Listen carefully to what he says, because YOU can use it for your own training.


before you are going to the gym, take 5-15 minuts to watch some videos, you can learn from it, that’s will also motivates you to watch some of these athletics there have the body you also want to get.


A short list of bodybuilders with great videos

Johnnie O. Jackson.

IFBB-Pro Dennis Wolf.

Ronnie Coleman.

Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Simeon Panda.

Phil Heath.

Jay Cutler.

Bradley Martyn.

Joey Swoll.

This is my top 3 over motivation videos.

Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Kali Muslce.

And a mix video.



Stay positive, hungry and dedicated.