Mona Cupcake; Feminine Artist with a Colorful Twist

Mona Cupcake; Feminine Artist with a Colorful Twist
September 20
13:13 2017

Sweet Name, Cute Style and A Whole Lot of Talent:

Mona Cupcake has not had the longest of careers yet, as a tattoo artist. But she is already more talented than most. This would be apparent to anyone who attended the 1st Edition of 50 Shades of Ink Copenhagen. Where this up and coming tattoo artist, took home not 1, not 2 but 3 first places for her colourful and awesome style, one of them being in best freehand.

She is definitely one to watch out for, especially for girls out there wanting a colourful tattoo. Mona loves to create feminine and colourful tattoos, especially in a new-school style.

A Feminine Style with a Colorful Twist:

Mona Cupcake loves adding a lot of femininity, to the tattoos she creates. Contrary to her very girly and cute artist name, she isn’t exactly a girly girl, which is easy to notice once you meat her. However, tattooing feminine and cute motives still comes natural to her. It somehow speaks to her more girly and feminine side.

She loves the colourful new-school style of tattooing the most, and don’t worry boys; she can do non-feminine stuff too. But she got so into new-school when she began tattooing. That for a while, she thought she would never be doing anything else. It is still her main style, but generally she just loves getting creative and experimenting with loads of colours.

She loves how she can create so many cute pieces of art. The way you can exaggerate and create anything you want, within the new-school style. There are no rules, you can create what you want. And even though she herself doesn’t identify as overly feminine, that style still speaks to her and she loves the way it decorates the body.

Mona Cupcake; Loving Her Clients As They Give Her Happiness:

If you talked to this up and coming artist, you would very quickly figure out one thing. She loves her clients to bits. This is all because she is thankful to them for allowing her to do what she loves. As she sees it, without her clients that let her create her art on their skin. She wouldn’t be able to live as a tattoo artist or develop her art-form.

She also loves when she gets recognized. The feeling of people looking at a tattoo she has done on someone, and being able to tell that it was done by her. It was always one of her dreams to be recognized for her art, now she gets to live it.

But it all just feels amazing, being so passionate about something and then getting so much support: From people requesting you to do their tattoo, or even better, that people request to get some of your own art, done by you. It is all such an amazing honour, that people will want your specific art permanently on their skin. Plus you then get to live, by doing what you love with your art.

How She Got Her Start:

She always wanted to be creative and make a living by something creative. But she never really found anything; she barely even knew how to draw 5 years ago, let alone tattooing anyone. But then she had a friend who was an artist, she started tattooing Mona. So Mona began spending more and more time in hr friends tattoo studio.

This is where she got bitten by the tattoo bug and started realizing; this is awesome! And that she wanted to become a tattoo artist. So through persistence, she learned to draw much more and later learned how to tattoo. Today, she is quite skilled and does amazing colourful work.

Self-critical, Ever Grateful and always striving to improve more:

Mona’s talent has done anything but go to her head. Of course she is proud about how far she has come already in her career and can see how talented she is getting. However, she already has the self-criticism and humbleness that makes for a great tattoo artist.

She is anything but done learning and she remains grateful and thankful, to any client that comes in and wants a tattoo done by her. She constantly keeps learning and wanting to improve her skills further, as she puts it “you are no better than your last tattoo”.

This is also why she has no favourites as such among the tattoos she has done on people. She is proud of her work, but she always feels she can get better and make an even more awesome tattoo next time.
However, she does have a favourite tattoo among the ones on her own body; a portrait of her twin sister on her body. Funny enough, as she laughingly mentions, because they are identical twins it is in a way a self-portrait as well.

Sisterly love and the start to something great:

Mona is crazy talented and one humble artist that will go far in her career. Which already seems to be happening, as she goes further in her career: She used to think she had already done her dream tattoo, a full sleeve where it starts on a beach then it dives into the depths of the ocean.  But today, every tattoo where she gets to create her own design is like a dream tattoo and a new chance to improve herself.

Other than that she is going to the Golden State tattoo Convention in California, which is hosted by Nikki Hurtado. She is attending it together with her twin sister, whom is also a tattoo artist. They will be tattooing together at this convention, hopefully getting to do some collaborations. A thing which she hopes her and sister Marie will get to do much more in the future as well, as well as attending loads of conventions.

Final Comments and Gallery:

She promises she will at least keep her passion for tattooing going and never stop learning more.
Especially since she gets to have more tattoo projects, where she has free hands with the design, as she gets more popular; making it even more awesome to tattoo people. We at Mediazink urge everyone, to keep an eye on this awesome girl and her awesome work.

Mona at work, doing what she loves

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