Modern Tattoo Artists; Tattooing In the Social Media Age:

Modern tattoo artists, it is something we on the MediaZink editorial team discuss a lot. Especially when we are out on conventions around the world, where we meet loads of tattoo artists. We meet everyone from old school artists who miss the old days, to young new comers who hyper specialize.

However, we have noticed something, both when we are on social media and when out at conventions. There seems to be something that a lot of artists lack, no matter what generation of artist they are. In all this social media fame and how social media has taken on such an important role, for many artists out there. It seems that a regretably large amount of artists, have forgotten another part of modern tattooing.

Tattooing is a service business. This means that you provide a service to a client. Not only that, but you are permanently changing someones appearance, that is the service you offer to them. These two things combined, means that you have to behave like you would in any other service business. It will not help line your pockets, if you don’t.

Tattooing as a Service Business; Some Advice:

Modern tattoo artists, they are well aware that their image is important, however there seems to be some that do not realize that so is their behavior and how the treat clients. In this world today, where people from all walks of life and more people people than ever, since the viking ages and the like, are getting tattooed. You can no longer act like the tough minded, closed off, introverted tattoo artists, that seemed to be the norm in the 60’s to 80’s.

There are more studios than ever in the world as well, so despite the rise in clientele, you can’t afford to limit yourself like this. Your skill is not enough alone. If people feel like you are being rude to them or don’t care for them or the like, they will not want to get tattooed by you. Being out going and welcoming towards anyone that comes into your studio, is the way to go. Even if you can’t help them and have to send them to someone else, they will most likely still spread the word that you are awesome, if you were nice and helpful to them.

Also at conventions, we have seen it time and time again. Artists with nothing to do, who just sit their fiddling on their phones, taking a nap or not just (apologize for our language) giving a fuck. This will not do you any favors. Every single person that comes by your booth at a convention is a potential client and you are there to work, so work hard. Be out going, talk to people that walk by, spread your name and build a good reputation.
(BTW we are not saying you need to sit with a fake smile on all the time, but we are sure you guys get that).

Final Comment:

All we can say in the end is that being a modern tattoo artist, is very different from what tattooing used to be. For good or bad, you have to deal with this as an artist. We believe that being service minded, welcoming and helpful, is the way to go. So we can only leave you with the following words; a smile and a nice attitude goes a long way.

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