A model agency turns negative development for positive new concept.

A model agency turns negative development for positive new concept.
October 03
07:18 2014 is an international model agency that has come to get cult status the 5 years. The Agency has, like all other agencies, experienced how magazines Impression numbers have dropped dramatically the last 5 year, and even some magazines are closed due to that crises and thereby giving less work for photographers and models.

solproffesional is among other things, known to have many playboy playmates affiliated, and have just now made  ​​a new design and a innovative new concept.

As for now all photographers, model agencies, event organizers and others can join the website and  for a small fee  (from 10 euro) and trough that they can book the models directly and models shall no longer pay the agency commission of jobs. does that way no longer work  as managers but as promoters and advertising agency for the models. Now the  photographers inquiries goes  directly to the models (hidden)email address ..This is never seen before in the business.


The models themselves can decide if they take the job or no , and if they don’t feel safe with the client they can for a fee let make the contact and contract (the normal model agency way).

That have success with the promotion of their models shows that example the  international model  Solveiga Mykolaityte  facebook fansite   ( called solveiga Mykolaityte  page)Now have more than 80.000 fans and Solveiga is hired to great jobs  on exotic spots and have even been a playboy playmate . have more top models with facebook groups like  amazing member numbers from 10-50.000 But Solveiga have the most fans yet .


Where do the money come from ?  The agency make money from memberships on but also from special jobs to top models like Solveiga Mykolaityte, But the management behind  basic idea behind the concept is that the traffic from website and their top models facebook fansites will generate traffic to other projects like online casino’s and other. is owned by a group of Scandinavian investors who trough their company Felix Entertainment group  is  involved in online entertainment and business


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