Mimi Choi; Turning Fear Into Visions:

Mimi Choi is far from your average makeup artist. Her skills are first of all on a whole other level, a level that can be almost difficult to comprehend. But it is how she uses this skill that is truly fascinating. Mimi turns fear into artistic, frightening visions, through what she calls illusion makeup. With what she can create, you will soon understand why she has named it that.

Mimi can create visions/illusions with her makeup, that will make her face (among other body parts), appear as if they are contorted in surreal ways, sliced apart, decaying and much more. The makeup is on such a high level of detail and realism, that it actually appears real, especially on camera. It is scary and fascinating, what she has proven can be done with makeup.

So why does Mimi do this kind of makeup? well according to her own words, in a 60 minutes documentary (see below). The ideas for her creations, comes from visions she has while, due to her suffering from sleep paralysis.
But she found out, that by embracing the fear and recreating it the way she does through her makeup. She won’t have that same vision again when paralyzed.

Face of Fears // 60 Second Docs

How does she make it look so REAL?? 😱😱 (via 60 Second Docs)

Publiée par Crypt TV sur Vendredi 20 juillet 2018

Final Comment:

Mimi Choi can truly be said to be facing her fears, in a most interesting and oddly literal sense. Along the way she even proves to us, how much makeup can transform people. As well as showing people that makeup can indeed be an art-form in itself.

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