Mikko Pdc Inksanity

Mikko Pdc Inksanity
November 10
08:01 2015

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  1. Nicky Stranstroem
    Nicky Stranstroem February 19, 23:03

    This video was really cool.
    Nice design and worked out to perfection.
    An artists who are worth following

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  2. Sin Conner Matsson
    Sin Conner Matsson December 25, 09:44

    Amazing tattooes. Have never heard about him, but really an amazing artist

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  3. Maddie
    Maddie November 18, 01:53

    These tattoos are awesome! I have never seen anything like these but it’s so cool and really interesting to look at. Love it!

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  4. rosamond
    rosamond November 17, 18:13

    its an authentic art…. it looks great… so much attracting outlook… the little girl looks great with the baby carrying as her child….

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